We are dedicated to companies that are looking for something unusual for a lunch break, to public authorities for big events, to trucks that want to expand their network, and of course, to street food enthusiasts.

Catering “on wheels”

We offer an unusual type of catering which is dedicated to public events such as international trade fairs and exhibitions but also to private parties where everyone can “street eat” in an enjoyable way.

Catering “no wheels”

We remove the wheels from our trucks, metaphorically of course! An unconventional idea  for trucks and  for companies. On one hand the trucks remove their wheels and  supply their gastronomic menus in the company’s canteen and on the other hand the companies experience an innovative lunch break, in line with the latest food trends.


Do you want to leave for a trip on the road with your food truck, but you don’t have a truck? Do you need an “ape 3 wheeler’” for your party so you can show off your barman skills? We can offer you the possibility of hiring a truck suitable for your needs for the length of time you require. Whatever you need, whenever you need it. From one day to a long period, with or without staff on board.

Promotion and sponsorship

The trucks are not limited to food: they are an excellent means of communication and branding in an area for any type of company. Each part of the truck, from the products used, to the pneumatics and to the external panels is a way of engaging with a large number of people every day. We can design the trucks for marketing and promotion purposes and create tailor-made communication projects. It’s the new channel for OOH.


We are the reference point for anyone who wants a truck. We offer a 360° service to anyone who wants to launch a business or to those who have already started and need some advice, thanks to the knowledge acquired and to the network that we have created over the years. We also offer a logistic service, managing all the bureaucratic aspects and supporting communication activities for the product or the truck.


From three, to four, to six wheels; from an ‘ape 3 wheeler’ to a school bus. Our food trucks are numerous, varied and multi-coloured, with modern, eye-catching, attractive design. Our team of trucks is constantly growing and developing the culinary options: from the Italian regional specialities, to Vietnamese and Spanish cuisine, from tigelle to hamburgers.

Graphic design

We are convinced that corporate identity is the basis of every form of communication. A professional coordinated image expresses the seriousness and solidity of a company, thus helping to increase brand recognition. We provide consulting services, design and restyling of logos and brands, business cards, letterheads and all corporate coordinates.